Elizabeth Hinkler is a native Chicagoan with Iowan roots, and is based in LA.  Co-executive of The Hinklers production company, their mission is to create a loving connection in a fearful world.  Passionate about advocating for human rights, mental health, persons with different abilities, and LGBTQIA rights, Elizabeth’s work focuses on nuanced, multilayered character-driven stories that draw you into their mystery, and encourages audiences to discuss these multifaceted, yet essential conversations.

Most memorable performances include The Good Doctor, Overthinking With Kat & June, and Under The Silver Lake.   Elizabeth is in the festival circuit for HBO Access’ pilot, Manic, on HBO Go and HBO Now. Upcoming is Dream Corp LLC and Will Wernick’s latest feature.  Elizabeth is a recipient of the Dan Velez Scholarship, Hollywood Fringe’s Duende Distinction Award, and was nominated for best acting in a two-person play at the Stage Raw Awards.  When not creating their own work, Elizabeth enjoys writing, practicing ASL, making hearty soups, drawing, and spending quality time with their identical twin, Emily.