“Portrayed by the luminous real-life twins Emily and Elizabeth Hinkler, the sisters share a poignant intimacy.  The Hinkler sisters bring their roles vividly to life with their committed and endearing performances.”  -Margaret Gray, critic from the LA Times

Click here to read the full review

“[Emily and Elizabeth] are exceptional in their performances and the onstage relationship that they evoke.  Both provide an extra measure of texture and depth to the production.  This is a moving and emotionally engaging evening of theatre.” -Hoyt Hilsman, critic from the Huffington Post

Click here to read the full review

“A pair of remarkable actors- Emily and Elizabeth Hinkler- make the unspoken love between the sisters a force of terrible beauty.  The Hinkler sisters seem never to be acting; they simply inhabit their roles, believing them so fully that we must also.  You really can’t ask anything more of theatre.  This important and powerful work, excellently staged and flawlessly performed, is a gift.” -Mark Hein, critic from Theatre Ghost

Click here to read the full review

“Easy to see why these two won the Hollywood Fringe Festival’s best acting award in these same roles last year.” -Gil Kaan, critic from Broadway World

Click here to read the full review

“[The story] steeps into your gut…we become absorbed in their precarious existence, not to mention their exceptional performances.” -Ingrid Wilmot, critic from Will Call

Click here to read the full review

“I found myself holding my breath more than once, and the theater was dead silent, no squirming, no talking, I’m certain others were as engrossed and emotionally stirred as I was.” -Carol Edger Germain, critic from Colorado

Click here to read the full review

“Brilliant performances…not to be missed.” -Patricia Foster Rye, critic from the Larchmont Chronicle

Click here to read the full review

“The work of performers Elizabeth and Emily Hinkler- for whom the play was written- is as arresting as it is brave.  Intelligent and compelling…this most intriguing play kicks off the Odyssey’s year with a flourish.” -Evan Henerson, critic from CurtainUp

Click here to read the full review

“I cannot praise the work enough of both of these two talented actresses for their portrayals of Magda and Matilde.” -Carol Kaufman Segal, critic from

Click here to read the full review

“A POIGNANT DRAMA… fascinating and emotionally gripping.” -David Maurer, critic from Culture Spot LA

Click here to read the full review

“The acting is tight to the point of being almost profound- and the fact that the two performers are themselves identical twins lends the work a fascinating psychological layer.  Nuanced and believable, a wonderfully intimate piece.” -Paul Birchall, critic from Stage Raw

Click here to read the full review

“The Hinkler twins offer performances that are rarely seen at the theatre—the bond of family—which is no stronger displayed and felt than in My Sister.  Heartfelt and deep reaching, their true life bond as twin sisters strengthens their connection on stage.” -Ryan M. Luevano, critic from Tin Pan LA

Click here to read the full review

“[The sisters] bring a deep empathy and natural compatability to their roles.” -Pauline Adamek, critic from Arts Beat LA

Click here to read the full review

“The Odyssey production is lucky to have twin actors Emily and Elizabeth Hinkler in the main roles, if only because they share a chemistry and connection one rarely finds in actors today.  Together these youthful siblings light up the tragic darkness in Schlapkohl’s play, giving it a much-needed warmth and humanity.  Powerful, deeply human and compassionate…”

Click here to read the full review

“The real-life Hinkler twins shine with talent in this production…Talented directors Ron Sossi and Paul David Story manage to bring home the dramatic contrast between the gentleness of the siblings’ loving relationship and the harshness of the environment in Germany” -Elaine L. Mura, critic from Splash Magazines

Click here to read the full review

“Their extraordinary identification with the relationship brings it vividly to life.  There is not a moment that rings false, as we bear to witness their loving connection.” -Morna Murphy Martell, critic from Theatre Spoken Here

Click here to read the full review

“Taut and riveting throughout.” -Erin Conley, critic from On Stage & Screen

Click here to read the full review

“Together or separate, the Hinklers are spellbinding.  They skillfully render touching moments of tension and tenderness.” -Paul Myrvold, critic from Theatre Notes

Click here to read the full review


“I felt humbled and my heart took a blow that needed about seventy five minutes to land–leaving me floored” -Zahir Blue, critic from the blog The World Through Night-Tinted Glasses

Click here to read the full review

“This play is a deeply moving, stunning achievement, using materials that could all too easily be mishandled.  My Sister is a don’t-miss gem, one of the highlights of this year’s Hollywood Fringe” -Mark Hein, critic from the blog Theatre Ghost

Click here to read the full review

Theatre Unleashed nominated us for two awards and did a podcast and talked about their thoughts on MY SISTER listen 21:20 in to hear their thoughts on our play!

——To read all Hollywood Fringe Festival 2015 reviews, click here and check us out on Bitter Lemons——



“profoundly moving…brave, haunting, compassionate” -Jonathan Turner, critic from The Dispatch / Rock Island Argus

Click here to read the full review

“theatre at its finest, the perfect blend of escapsim, entertainment, and perspective-changing emotion…stunning intelligent humor and gut-wrenching sadness” -Thom White, critic from the River Cities’ Reader

Click here to read the full review

My Sister does as wonderful a job portraying the courage of the human spirit as it does the perils of mindless conformity…an absorbing play, from beginning to end.” -James E. Trainor III, critic from the Iowa Theatre Blog

Click here to read the full review


Award for the Duende Distinction Award, Painting of Magda. Acrylic on Canvas by Zach Brown Art
Award for the Duende Distinction Award, Painting of Matilde. Acrylic on Canvas by Zach Brown Art


Winner: The Encore! Producers Award / The Best of Fringe Award 

Winners: The Duende Distinction Award – Acting (Both E&E)

Nominee: The Ezra Buzzington Spirit of the Fringe Award –  Best Female Performance (Elizabeth)

Nominee: Unleashed Award – Best Unleashed Show

Nominees: Unleashed Award – Best Performance (Both E&E)

Nominees: O-Face Award – Top Performance (Both E&E)

Nominees: Trailer Park Award – Best Trailer


–Read below for additional audience highlights:–

“You completely held me.  Your work was nuanced, funny, poignant, and a joy to watch” -Jennifer Fawcett, Co-Founder for Working Group Theatre

“I loved your performances. Both [Emily and Elizabeth] have done wonderful work here but I think these roles may be my favorite roles because they allowed you to play so freely and beautifully with each other. Thank you for offering such a lovely gift to audiences” –Alan MacVey

“You both did some really fine work.  I was very impressed with your physical work and your sense of play in the show. I was moved and thrilled for you both” –Paul Kalina

“It was everything why I love going to theatre. Believeable characters, relationships, reflection of the times, had a nice arc, and it ended up somewhere that you didn’t expect” -Kate Aspengren, Playwright

“I was just stunned, It was stunning. Nobody but these two ladies can do this show” -Maggie Conroy, Theatre Artist in Iowa City

“Compelling, intriguing, immediately arresting, it made sense and asked questions, with phenomenal acting” -Nikki Reimes, Local Business owner of RSVP, Iowa City

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