“Emily Hinkler portrays not only Magda, but, through the course of their conversation, other characters in the play. At times she is a scolding mother, at others a suspicious landlord, and she shows great flexibility as she shifts through these roles. Not only her virtuosity but her sensitivity shines through in this performance. It would be easy to write Magda off as foolish and naive, a thoughtless follower, but it’s not that simple; we see in her a woman who truly cares about her sister, truly cares about everyone, but is overwhelmed by how quickly and irreparably her world is shattering around her.”

-James E. Trainor III, critic from the Iowa Theatre Blog, review for My Sister

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“The petite and perky Hinkler is all wide-eyed innocence, equal parts embarrassed and afraid. Her character finds an inner strength that allows her to handle her ordeal with a grace beyond her years.”

-Diana Nollen, critic from The Gazette, review for the adult version of Out of Bounds

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