“Elizabeth Hinkler as the afflicted Matilde really gives the star performance in this play.  She is remarkable in her representation of the ravages of cerebral palsy, contorted in both her body and her speech.  But her mind is playful and sharp, and she is believable as a shut-in writer, chasing her ambitions and participating in life just as much as her sister.” -David Manuer, Culture Spot LA

“[Elizabeth’s] depiction of Matilde’s malady is so spot-on that, had she not taken her curtain-call bow out of character, I would’ve asked someone if Elizabeth was, indeed, afflicted with a disability. Her Matilde, however, is not pitiable, for her mind is sharp, and her understanding of the world clearer than that of many. Her blend of physical handicaps and astuteness of mind render Matilde a captivating character.” -Thom White, critic from the River Cities’ Reader, review for My Sister

Click here to read the full review


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