The Good Doctor Recurring Guest Star ABC
New Girl Co – Star Elizabeth Meriwether Pics
Jane the Virgin Co – Star Poppy Prods
Faking It Co – Star MTV
Feature Films
Boo 2! A Madea Halloween Supporting The Tyler Perry Company
Under the Silver Lake (dr: David 🙂Robert Mitchell) Supporting Michael De Luca Prods
Sandy Wexler (dr: Steven Brill) Supporting Happy Madison Prods
Short Films
Sad Eyes Lead American Film Institute
Mirror Image Lead Shane Productions
The Old Master Painter Lead Source Film Prods
Music Videos
Alle Gegen Alle Lead Silkersoft
Erosion Lead Thisisyates
Gum Lead Kamell Allaway
Food Lead JEE – Whiz Prods
Preface to Being Jaded Co – Star Blackout Makeout
My Sister+ Matilde Odyssey Theatre
Out of Bounds+ Kailey Lied Center/WKG Theatre
In the Night+ (dir. Martha Clarke) Ensemble IA Partnership in the Arts


Training, Special Skills, & Awards                                                                                           +Original Cast
B.A Theatre Arts, University of Iowa

UCB Improv / French Proficient / Moderate Singing / Puppetry

Dance- moderate ballet, moderate jazz, moderate hip hop, moderate hula

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