Hollywood Fringe Hit Gets a Full Production in Los Angeles:

“My Sister” at the Odyssey

Expanded version of Hollywood Fringe hit ‘My Sister’ gets full production at Odyssey

Ultimately chilling tale of identical twins in pre-World War II Berlin is presented with charm and humor

An expanded version of My Sister, a smash hit at last season’s Hollywood Fringe Festival, will receive a full production at the Odyssey Theatre beginning January 16. Ron Sossi and Paul David Story co-direct identical twins Elizabeth Hinkler and Emily Hinkler in Janet Schlapkohl’s poignant tale of two sisters in pre-war Germany.

In early 1930s Berlin, the days are growing dark for freedom of expression and for those who don’t fit the Nazi ideal of physical purity. Beautiful twins Magda, a fledgling chanteuse and comedienne at the local cabaret, and Matilde, writer of the satirical songs and comedy for Magda’s act, are identical in every way — except one. Identical genetic makeup. Identical humor. Identical dreams for the future. But cerebral palsy affects Matilde’s movement and speech, leaving her housebound. Für immer zusammen (“together forever”). For how long will that remain possible?

“Elizabeth and Emily are talented, charming and extremely charismatic,” says Sossi who was so taken at the Fringe that he wanted to mount a full production. “This new version features additional cabaret sequences, songs and humor, and delves more deeply into the characters.”

“Because we’re identical, the audience is able to see past Matilde’s disability to the core of who she is,” suggest Elizabeth and Emily, who not only look alike, but tend to finish each other’s sentences. “The issues addressed in the play are not just historical; they’re relevant today. Human rights. Disability awareness. Freedom of expression. This play gets that across in a very powerful way.”

“I felt humbled, and my heart took a blow that needed about seventy five minutes to land — leaving me floored,” wrote fringe blogger David MacDowell Blue. “’My Sister’ is a don’t-miss gem, one of the highlights of this year’s Hollywood Fringe,” wrote Mark Hein on his Theatre Ghost site.

“This is a play about perception,” explains the playwright. “What makes us see somebody as lesser, or other, or different? Where that shift takes place is what fascinates me. With the Nazis, that was taken to the extreme. The disabled were the first group of people selected for extermination. It was easy to persuade the public, who believed it would end their suffering. Then gays – they’re not ‘right’ either. Political dissidents. Jews. It was all connected, a slippery slope. Sometimes I wonder… what would it have taken for me to go along?”

Story adds, “This is such an important play. The audience response at the Fringe was wonderful, and I’m delighted to be working in collaboration with the Odyssey.”



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