We need your help! In order to bring My Sister to our biggest audience yet at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, we need your support. Any amount at all is wholeheartedly appreciated; donations will be used to pay for the cost of our venue (The Underground Theatre), registration with Hollywood Fringe, advertisement, creating specific props, and to any other performance costs so we can reach as many people as possible to see this vital show.

The play centers around Disability Awareness and Human Rights, and although it takes place in 1934 Berlin, the message rings deafeningly true today.

My Sister needs to be shown to the world, but we can not do this on our own.  We need your help to show audiences how humans need to be seen past their disabilities, to experience the close bond of identical twins, and to share the incredible journey of pursuing a dream that is so alive in an increasingly deadening world.

Why give to the arts? With art, the world will experience the stories that can change hearts and minds of how we view and treat others. Join us in lifting up the world to its fullest potential in acknowledgement of human communication, existence, and experience.  Our goal is not to make money from this show; it is to share this vital message with audiences so that it is not forgotten.  We want our message to motivate our audiences and translate the importance of human rights and disability awareness into their own lives and relationships, resulting in effective change in the way they treat others.

Our Fundly page has a list of our expenses.  If our donations turn out to exceed our costs, then we will be giving comp tickets to members of UCPLA, who are Los Angeles citizens affected with Cerebral Palsy.

Can’t assist us monetarily but still want to help our cause? We get it! Just let us know how you would like to volunteer your skills to help us with this wonderful project!

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